What’s New In Instant Invoice n Cashbook 10 ?

This article is intended for users of our earlier versions Instant Invoice n Cashbook 2007 and InstantInvoice 3.

Instant Invoice n Cashbook 10 is a major upgrade of our earlier product Instant Invoice n Cashbook 2007 and InstantInvoice 3 and InstantCashbook 3. Version 10 is able to easily open and upgrade the earlier Version 2007 and version 3 databases. Below is a list of what’s new in this version when compared to our earlier products.

New Features From V2007- released in 2007

  • Support for newer operating systems Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.
  • Improved support for use of large fonts.
  • Invoices, quotations and customers statements now have a “Basic” setup option for quick and easy setup or and “Advance” option for fully customizable document layouts with multiple layouts per document type.
  • New report interface and designer. Reports are now customizable with the ability to add own custom reports to the database.
  • New database engine for improved performance and robustness.
  • Customer tax registration number can now be displayed in invoices and customer statements.
  • Multi-user license now has support for user account login and permissions. User can now have Administrator, Supervisor or Standard User permissions.
  • Much improved email system allows bulk email of invoices, quotations. Email all recurring invoices with one mouse click.
  • Able to email personalized, individual customer statements to all customers with outstanding balances with just one mouse click.
  • Email now has a mailbox system to hold emails in draft, outbox or sent items box. Able to preview document attachments from the mailbox.
  • Now able to purge outdated invoices, quotations, payment/ receipt, customer and vendor records.
    New report added (Invoice Details By ProductID) shows invoice details ordered and subtotalled by ProductID.
  • Many more enhancements.

New Features From Version 3 released in 2004

(General) – released in 2004

  • Supports new Microsoft Vista operating system. (Support for older Windows 98 operating system has been dropped.
  • InstantInvoice and InstantCashbook have now been merged to one single product. Both products are now fully integrated and share the same customer and receipt database.
  • Option to create database in personal or shared user folder.
  • Able to import version 3 InstantInvoice and InstantCashBook database. Able to merge both database to one.
  • Country drop down list includes many more countries with default tax predefined for these countries.

New Features From Version 3 (Invoice Module)

  • Able to email invoices and quotes with email cover messages in HTML or Rich Text. Hence email cover messages can also contain hyperlinks.
  • Invoice and quotation letterheads can now be formatted with Rich Text instead of only plain text. You can select fonts, colour, apply bold, italic etc.
  • Able to insert Paypal payment links in emailed invoice enabling you to collect customer payments securely over the internet.
  • Create and manage recurring invoices or subscription billing.
  • Customer Payments for Invoices now able to apply payments to multiple invoices in one form.
  • When used with Cashbook, customer payments entered in Invoice also updates receipts in Cashbook
  • Able to prepare quotations and invoices with pricing that are tax inclusive.
  • New customer payment report by Transaction mode.
  • Able to email invoices and quotes without the need to preview them first. Email button has been added to the main listing.
  • Greatly improved PDF exports with up to 90% reduced files sizes for faster emailing and downloading.
  • Now keeps a delivery log indicating when the invoice was printed or emailed out.
  • Description field in Product list now holds up to 230 characters where previously was only 50 characters.
  • Comments field in invoices and quotes can now accommodate multi-line text rather than a single line text.

New Features From Version 3 (Cashbook Module)

  • Now has support for muti-user environments.
  • Lets you specify all report criteria before processing any reports
  • Linked to InstantInvoice module sharing the same customer database and letterhead design for vouchers.
  • When used with the invoice module, receipts entered can be applied to your own invoice thus automatically updating the outstanding invoice list.

How To Upgrade Your Database to V10

  • Start your current version of Instant Invoice or Instant Cashbook and click the menu option Database | Backup. Take note of where you backup your database.
  • Download and install Instant Invoice n Cashbook 10 and click the menu option Database | Restore.
  • Select the zip file done earlier in #1. Now proceed with the restore. V10 will detect the earlier database and guide you through the upgrade process. You should now be able to open your database in V10.
  • Note that your earlier version will not be affected and you can run both versions on the same computer if you want.