Upgrade Instant Invoice n Cashbook 10

This order page is only for registered users of either the Instant Invoice 10 or Instant Cashbook 10 module. Here you can upgrade to both Invoice and Cashbook modules for a special upgrade price. You CANNOT use this order page if you have not purchased either the Invoice or cashbook modules.

Select the product you wish to upgrade to from the list below and click the “Upgrade Now” link

Complete the order and a new license key will be emailed to you.

Start your copy of Instant Invoice 10 or Instant Cashbook 10. Click Help | Install keys and enter the new key. Exit and restart Instant Invoice n Cashbook. This completes the upgrade and you can now enjoy both modules.

 Product License / ServiceNormal Price
Your Price
Single User Licenses
1Instant Invoice n Cashbook 10™ - 1 User $159$89Buy Upgrade
Multi User Network Licenses (Discounted)
4Instant Invoice n Cashbook 10™ - 2 User$268$198Buy Upgrade
5Instant Invoice n Cashbook 10™ - 3 User$380$310Buy Upgrade
6Instant Invoice n Cashbook 10™ - 4 User$495$425Buy Upgrade
7Instant Invoice n Cashbook 10™ - 5 User$596$526Buy Upgrade


  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Free Helpdesk & email support for one year.
  • Free minor upgrades of the product
  • Discounted rates on major product upgrades