Some of the dialogs like the New Payment dialog does not display correctly

This article is applicable to older versions Instant Invoice 2007 and InstantInvoice 3 only.


Many of the dialogs in my program does not display correctly. In the “New Payment” dialog box, the Customer pull down list in hidden. Also when saving reports as PDF files the reports appear to be truncated or cut-off at the right side.


This is caused when your PC is set to use large font size in your windows display settings.

The easiest way to rectify this is to upgrade to our most current version Instant Invoice n Cashbook 10.

If you prefer to use your current version of Instant Invoice, you need to change the Windows Font Size from “Large(120DPI)” to “Normal (96DPI)”

Procedure For Windows 7

1. Click Start | Control Panel | Appearance and Personalization | Display .

2. Try setting the text size to “Smaller-100% (default)”

3. Click [Apply]. Log Off and Login again and test.

Procedure For Windows Vista

1. Click Start | Control Panel | Appearance and Personalization | Personalization .

2. Unders the “Task” pane of the left, click “Adjust font size (DPI)”

3. Under DPI Scaling dialog box, change “Large Scale (120DPI)” to “Default scale (96DPI)”. Click [OK] to apply the changes.

4. If prompted to restart the computer, you must restart the computer before trying the program again.

Procedure For Windows XP

1. Click Start | Control Panel | Appearance and Themes then click the “Display” Icon.

2. At the Display Properties Box, click “Settings” page then click the [Advanced] button

3. Under DPI Setting, change “Large Size (120DPI)” to “Normal Size(96DPI)”.

4. Click “Restart the computer before applying the new display settings”

5. Click [OK] then restart the computer