I created more than 10 invoices but I can only see 10 of them. What happened to the rest ?

By default, Instant Invoice only displays the last 10 invoices. The number of invoices displayed is indicate in the green bar below the Close button. Instant Invoice has a powerful set of features to search or locate past invoices.

To locate any of your past invoices, click on the [Find] button. The “Quick Find” option is a very fast way to locate past invoices even on extremely large databases as the search is optimized and done on indexed fields. Except for the “Power Find” option, all other searches are done on optimized or indexed fields so it will be extremely fast.

The “Power Find” option is a very flexible search option. However because not all fields are indexed, the performance may be slower in very large databases. The “Show All” option will display All invoices.

If you need to display more than 10 documents in the list by default, click the menu option : Tools | Options – Invoice/ Quotations | General page. Here you can specify any value up to 100. For best performance, we recommend keeping this value small eg 5-20 records and use the Find option when locating past invoices or quotes.