How To I setup My Outgoing Email Servers In Instant Invoice n Cashbook 10 ?

To send emails through Instant Invoice, you will need to have a SMTP or Outgoing Email server. Most Internet Service Providers and webhosting providers will provide you with a server you can use so you can contact them or search their site for the settings. Or you can try 3rd party service providers like smtp2go

Instant Invoice 10 allow you to define multiple SMTP mail servers. You can set one email server as the default and switch to another mail servers if necessary at the time you send the Emails.

The procedure to setup your Email server is as follows :

– Click the Mailbox button on the main toolbar. This brings up the Mail Box dialog

– Click the […] button towards the top right corner. This brings up the “Outgoing Mail Servers For this Computer” dialog. Click on the “Details” page.

– Click the [+] button to add a new Email sever. Enter the details for your Mail Server here. The Host Name, Port (usually 25) is provided by your Internet Service provider. In most cases Authentication, Username, password are not required by most ISP’s but you should check with your ISP.

– After defining your mail servers, select your “Default Mail Server” from the drop down list.

Note that SSL Connections are not supported at this time.

See video tutorial here