How do I record Depreciation Expense ?

Instant Cashbook is not intended for a full set of accounts but one way to do it is as follow :

1. Use the menu option Go To | Banks. Click the [+] account to create a new bank account and call it “Journal Entries”.

2. Click the menu option Go To | Accounts. Add the following 2 accounts for example if you have not done so yet :

Name : “JV”
Description : Deprn for FYJun09

7500 – Depreciation – Operating Expenses
2200 – Accumulated Depreciation, Furniture – Fixed Assets

3. To record depreciation, Click the [Select] button to to the “Journal Entries ” so you can record entries under this account. Put through an entry such as :

7500 Depreciation : +$1000
2200 Accumulated Depreciation, Furniture : -$1000

Note than any entries put through should ALWAYS net off to zero.