How do I enter my bank opening balances to the cashbook module ?

You enter positive bank balances you can enter it using a receipt entry and for negative (overdraft) balances, you using a payment entry.

1. Click the [Cashbook] button to go to the Cashbook module. When prompted, select the appropriate bank/ cash acccount.

2. Click the [New] button and select either Receipt or Payment depending on whether you have a positive or negative (overdraft) bank balance. This brings up the “Transaction” dialog box.

3. Under the “Name” field, enter text such as “Opening Balance” or “Balance B/F” . (B/F stands for brought forward). For The “Trx Mode”, select “Opening Balance”.

4. For the transaction details, select the appropriate account for the opening balance. If you are using the default set of accounts, you can use Account “3550”. Next enter the opening balance amount.

5. Click [OK] to accept the transaction.

If you have more than 1 bank account, click the [Select] button to pick another bank and repeat the process for the other banks accounts.