How do I display my tax registration or VAT number on my invoices ?

Applies to Instant Invoice 10 only

1. Most users display their Tax Registration number or VAT number together with their letterhead. So you can just click Tool | Options – Invoice/ Letterhead | Letterhead page. Then enter your VAT No# at the last line of the address block.

2. If you want to display it elsewhere on the page :

– Click : Tool | Options – Invoice/ Quotation | Main. Change the “Layout Type” to “Advanced”.

– Click on the [Layout] page then click on the [Customize Selected Template]. This brings up the layout designer for the invoice.

– Add a new text object by clicking the [A] button on the left vertical tool bar. Then click on the position on the page where you want to display it. Next type in your VAT number that you want to display.