How Do I Add Additional Images To The Invoices, Quotes & Report Templates ?

Applies To : Instant Invoice 10 Only

Other than the logo, you can add additional images to the reports or customers statements like signatures etc.

I. Preparing Your Image

– For best performance, ensure that your image is either a JPG, JPEG or PNG file. While you can load other files types, other image types are not very well optimized.

– Also check your image files size. If it is larger than say 1000KB (1MB), it may affect the performance especially over a network. Hence the smaller the better. So if the image is too large, best to resize it down in your image editing software first. This will significantly reduce the file size.

II. Inserting The Image To the Report

– At the report page, right click the report or customer statement that you want to edit. Then click “Design” from the pop-up menu. This brings up the report designer.

– Create some space on the reports page where you want to insert the image.

– Add a “Picture Object” to the space you created on this band. Click the “Picture Object” icon on the left tool bar. It is below the Text Object [A] on the tool bar. Then click on the space where you want to insert it. This adds the Picture Object

– The Picture form will display prompting you to load a static image from a file. Click first or [Load] button. Then browse to your hard drive to locate the image you want to add.

– Resize the Picture object to the size you want.

– Preview the report (4th button) from the left and make and fine adjustments as needed.

When you close the Designer be sure to save the layout.

See Video Demo Below Show You How To Add More Images To The Invoice Template

NOTE : If your image size is large, this may significantly slow down rendering of the report. Do not load a large image and resize in the report designer. Scale it down or crop it in your image editing software so its about the right size and only do minor resizing within the reports or document designer.