How can I setup my Letterhead to Only Print Once on The First Page And Not The Other Pages ?

Applies to Instant Invoice n Cashbook 10

How can I customize my invoice or quotation layouts so the letterhead and customer address only prints on the first page and not every page.

If your lettead logo and business name is formatted on the PageHeader band, it will print at the top of each and every page.

So you need to add a new ReportTitle band, move all items from the PageHeader bands over to the new ReportTitle band. Then delete the empty PageHeader band. The ReportTitle band only prints once at the start of the first page so that is what you need.

– Go to the Invoice layouts by clicking :¬†Tools | Options. On the main page, ensure that “Advanced” is selected. Then click the “Layouts” page and click “Customize Selected Template”

– At the invoice layouts, click the [Insert band] button (6th button from the top at the left vertical toolbar.) From the pop-up, select “ReportTitle”. This will add a “Report Title” band to the top of the page. Drag its lower boundary to increase its height so its the same height as the PageHeader1 and the PageHeaderChild1 bands.

– Click on the PageHeader1 band and click [Ctrl] + [A] on your keyboard. This will select all items on this band. Drag all items to the ReportTitle band.

– Repeat above for the PageHeaderChild1 band to move everything over. Once this is done, you can delete the PageHeader1 and PageHeaderChild1 bands.

Preview the invoice and you will find that the letterhead only prints once on the first page.