Getting Error : Database is incomplete. Some files could not be found.

When trying to open your database in Instant Invoice n Cashbook, you get get the following error message:

“Database is incomplete. Some files could not be found”

This message is displayed when Instant Invoice is unable to open the database at the usual path. It means that the database folder has moved or data files within are missing or a network drive or paht is not available to Instant Invoice any more.


– Try to think of any changes you made to your computer just before the error. Did you move or delete any files or folders. If so try moving it back or restore it from the recycle bin. The database folder consists of about 80-100+ files of type DAT, IDX and BLB. The first file is “AccountDetail.dat” and the last file is “Voucher.idx”

– If you put the database folder on a mapped drive, check that the map is still intact and not disconnected.

– Try exit Instant Invoice. Shut down the computer and restart. Check that you have used the same windows account that you normally use to login to windows.

– You created the database on an external drive and that drive is not plugged in or the drive letter has changed. Unplug and plug in the external drive and check if its drive letter has changed.

– Start Windows explorer. Do a search for a file called “DocMain.Dat”. Take note of the folder. Once you found it, start Instant Invoice, click [Open]. At the open database dialog, click [Browse] and locate the database manually.

– If all above fails, you can try restoring your last good backup.