Getting DBISAM Engine Error : # 8961, #8965, #8963

You are getting an error like :

DBISAM Engine Error #8961 header information corrupt in the table “?????”
DBISAM Engine Error #8965 index page buffers corrupt in the table “?????”
DBISAM Engine Error #8963 Blob Buffers corrupt in the table ‘????’

This is an indication that your database is corrupt. This is rage but may be caused when you have a power outage or if your PC stops responding midway while your using it. For network users, it may also be caused by loosing network connectivity during operation.

You need either restore one of your earlier backup or try to repair it.

I. Repairing The Database

1. If you have the network version, get other users on the network to exit Instant Invoice n Cashbook.

2. First backup your database using the menu option Database | Backup. If you have any previous backups, do NOT overwrite them but create a new backup.

3. Click the menu option Help | About and compare your version with the latest version here. If you have an earlier version, exit Instant Invoice n Cashbook. Then download and install the latest version

4. Next repair it using the menu option Database | Pack/ Repair. If you have more than one database, ensure that you click the pull down arrow next “Database Path” to select the correct database to repair. After selecting the correct database, click [Repair Database] button.

II. Restoring A Good Backup

If after repairing, you still have problems, you may need to restore any of your earlier good backups. Click the menu option Database | Restore

Alternatively, you may need to send us your database for checking. Send us the backup zip file of your database done in step #1 above.

Send it to us as an email attachment to When sending to us, also include details of your name and email used when you ordered the product from us so that we can verify your order.