• Suitable for small companies or businesses.
  • Multi-company software allowing you to use it for more than one company or business or even your personal finances.
  • Use just the invoice & quotation module, cashbook module or both.

Invoice Module Documents

  • Creates professional business Invoices,  Quotations or Estimates.
  • Create negative invoices or Credit Notes or Credit Memos.
  • Create and manage recurring invoices. Create an invoice template and set billing period for recurring billing.
  • Convert a Quotation to an invoice and vice-versa.
  • Create a new quotation from another quotation or new invoice from an existing invoice.
  • Able to customize all quotation and invoice field labels and body column headers to meet your business needs.
  • Add a logo or image to your invoice and quotation letterhead and reports.
  • Enable or disable shipping address in invoices and quotes.
  • Email all invoices and quotations as a PDF attachment.

Invoice Module Customer Payments

  • Intuitive customer payment form. No need to search for invoices. Simply select the customer and all outstanding invoices for the customer will be displayed for you to apply payments.
  • Able to apply payments to several invoices at a time in a single payment form.
  • Apply full payments to an invoice, deposit payments, partial payments or multiple progress payments to an invoice.
  • Outstanding invoice list and customer statements instantly updates as you apply customer payments to your invoices.

Invoice Module Operation

  • Tax can be set for businesses who do not bill tax, businesses that bill one level of Tax and businesses that bill 2 levels of Tax like for State/ Province level and Federal level.
  • Can build customer lists on the fly. If you are invoicing a new customer, you can enter their name and address directly into the invoice and Instant Invoice will save this customer to your customer list.
  • Build product list on the fly. This means that you can add items to your invoices even if it doesn’t exist in your product list. You can then easily save new items to your product list if needed.
  • The description column in the Invoice and Quotation body can easily toggle from a normal edit box to a drop down box. The edit box allows you type your content freely like when you are describing work done. Change it to a drop down box when you want pick items from your product list to fill up your Quotation and Invoice like when you selling goods.
  • Powerful search features to quickly and easily locate your invoices, quotations or customer records as needed.
  • Can be fully integrated with a Cashbook module allowing you prepare simple accounts and income & expenses statements .

Invoice Module Reports and Charts

  • Reports for Quotation list, Invoice list by serial number, invoice list by customer, customer payments and more.
  • Reports for outstanding invoice list showing amount owing.
  • Create and email monthly customer statements to all customers with debts in one operation.
  • Tax report for submission to your tax authority .
  • Generate 3 dimensional graphical bar chart by month or by year for invoice totals to track business progress over time.
  • All reports are fully customizable. Able to create and add your own reports
  • Preview all reports on screen, print, email or export to PDF, Excel and other format.
  • Email all reports as a PDF attachment.

Cashbook Module

  • No limit to the number of bank or cash accounts you have for your business.
  • Simple data entry forms to record Payment and Receipt records
  • Simple data entry form to record transfer of funds from one bank/ cash account to another bank/ cash account.
  • Able to print receipt and payment vouchers.
  • Able to define tax types to according to your needs.
  • Generate tax reports monthly/ quarterly or any period to confirm to your tax submission. (Australian users can generate BAS worksheets for quarterly or monthly BAS submissions)
  • Instantly process reports including Income & Expenses (or Profit & Loss) statements. Bank & Cash Reports and more.
  • Generate 3 dimensional bar charts of Net Income & Expense (Profit & Loss) or any account. Hence monitor business performance overtime.
  • Easy to use, no accounting knowledge required.

Administration & Users

  • Multi-company software. No limit on the number of business you can manage with just one license.
  • Multi-user capable on a local area network. Simple put your database on a shared network folder and allow multiple users to open and work on it concurrently.
  • User level security available. When enabled all users need to provide a valid username/password to login to the database. Users permissions can be restricted. (Available in the multi-user license only)
  • Import your existing Customer and Product List from MS Excel, text file and other formats.
  • Export the customer list and Product List to MS Excel, Text files and other formats.
  • Able to backup and restore your database to/ from a zip file. Append date and time to all .
  • Export Invoice listing to MS Excel and other formats.


  • Requires either : Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP (32 bit or 64bit) / Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008R2
  • Apple Mac Users : Needs to have Windows Running on your Mac using Parallels Desktop for Mac or VM Ware Fusion.