Error : DBISAM Engine Error #11013 Access denied to table or backup file “2345”

When Instant Invoice needs to process reports, enter customer payments and certain other functions, it needs to create temporary files in the background. These files are usually a 4 or 5 digit number. This error indicates that something is preventing Instant Invoice from creating these temp. files. The usual causes are :

– An antivirus software running in the background preventing Instant Invoice from creating this file

– A mis configured Windows permissions issue.

You can troubleshoot as follows :

– Try shutting down the computer and restart again.

– Login with a user account that has full or standard permissions to the computer. Do not login with guest accounts.

Now test again. If problem is still there :

– If you recently changed some windows permissions, especially in the user App temp folder, try undoing this change.

If problem is still there :

– Try disabling or temporarily un-install your anti-virus software then test again.

– If you have a backup software that is running in the background, try disabling that.

If problem is still here :

– Start Windows Explorer, browse to your temp folder as follows :


Note the AppData folder may be a hidden folder and you may need to un hide it. Ensure that you have full permissions to this folder. If there is any files in this folder, try deleting them. Now start Instant Invoice and test again.