DBISAM Engine Error #12035 The table ‘Recent’ is not the correct version.

This is an indication that the table that stores the path to your database is corrupt. This problem is very rare but you can easily fix it as follows :

– Start Windows Explorer

– Browse to the following folder :

Instant Invoice n Cashbook 10 Users

Instant Invoice n Cashbook 2007 Users

Tip, if your AppData folder is not showing, click the menu option Tools | Folder Options | View page. Ensure that “Show HIdden files, folder and drives” is checked and you should see the “AppData” folder

– In the Recent folder, delete the files Recent.Dat & Recent.IDX.

– Now start Instant Invoice again. These files will be recreated automatically. However Instant Invoice will not have the path to your database. When asked if you want to create a new database, click [No]

– Click the [Open] button. Instant Invoice will prompt you that you do not have any databases. When asked if you want to browse to a database, click [Yes]. Locate your database folder and you will now be open the database