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“We just purchased the Instant Invoice software. This is one of the best invoice programs that I have seen. It’s flexible, it’s easy to use and I really like the the fact that we can customize our invoices. This is a great “selling” feature for the program. If any of our clients have a need for an invoice program, I will definite recommend yours. Keep up the good work. “
George N Politis CPA , Charlotte, NC, United States

“I am a Designer and Illustrator and have been looking for something like Instant Invoice 3.0 for ages. I have many different clients and this great software has completely changed the way i quote and invoice them. It’s not only speeded the process up, but has helped me to organise my products and services, so i can concentrate on the work. I would recommend this software to anyone who runs a small business from home or online!”
J. Fancourt, The Third Wave – Digital Media Designs

If you are an existing user of Instant Invoice n Cashbook, please feel free to leave your comments and experiences here.

11 thoughts on “Comments & Testimonials

  1. Have been using this software since 2005( and now using Instant Inv and Cashbbook 10) and never needed to consider any other, for a small business this is probably the most ideal and cost effective piece of software available, particularly if you have no accounting experience or limited business operating knowledge,
    Simple and intuitive to use, and capable of providing instant reports in clearly understood formats,
    Highly recommended for business startups

  2. After weeks of downloading and testing various invoice programs available on the web, I had almost given up my search until finding Instant Invoice n Cashbook 10. Unlike the others, this software is easy to learn, easy to use, and most importantly, it is truly customizable. The technical support, the pricing, and the quality of Instant Invoice n Cashbook 10 makes it the best possible choice for software of this type. Moreover, for individuals wanting to avoid monthly charges and cloud-based invoicing software, there simply is no better choice, period! Instant Invoice n Cashbook 10 is a superior product which earns an A+ rating from my company.

  3. I bought Instant Invoice in 2005 because I needed to move from manual invoice books to a Computer Invoice system. I needed a user friendly program and also a professional program. And that’s exactly what I got. An excellent invoicing system ideal for small business. I can tailor the invoices, quotes and reports to my needs, I use several databases, I didn’t need to be trained to use it and it works well. And just recently for the first time in almost 12 years I had need of tech support, it was quick and easy to arrange, went smoothly and sorted out my problem. It was then followed up by an email to ensure I had all relevant information. I highly recommend Instant Invoice.

    • It was a pleasure working with you remotely just now Gloria. Thank you for your kind words. Kind Regards Greg.

  4. After a friend’s recommendation, we bought Instant Invoice on July 2016. It was easy to use and didn’t require training or accounting experience.
    Moving from the manual invoice books to Instant Invoice 10 made so much sense! Saves us a lot of time. We were already happy with the standard version. To further enhance the software, we got it customised to suit our needs – customised reports, inventory and database. Excellent!
    Greg was always prompt and helpful with his professional advice. He knew exactly what we needed. He also provides excellent service.
    We highly recommend Instant Invoice n Cashbook.

  5. I have been using Instant Invoice for my 2 companies since 2008 and I cannot say enough positive things about the software and the people behind it. In all of these years, I have only ever had a handful of questions and/or problems, and their customer service is always more than ready and willing to happily and promptly help me. Most recently, Gregory was available within moments of my email question to him, and right away he remotely logged in to my computer and we made some layout changes to my invoice that I had previously been unable to figure out myself. He was kind, quick and a very helpful in teaching me how to do it correctly. It is always a pleasure to work with Gregory and the software is just great!

  6. I have just purchased Instant Invoice and I am impressed with its flexibility. The options are endless. I had Gregory remote in to assist in modifying my template to suit our needs and he had it fixed up in minutes. I highly recommend this program and the support is great.

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